Our ability to be flexible and scalable is essential to our customer's success. We work with you to provide the call center services and solutions that best fit your business model. As a successful call center backed by a social mission, Nextcall International operates contact center services for a diverse customer base including commercial businesses.

We provide in/outbound commercial phone calls to potential customers or consumers in order to present or sell your products and services.

World is now changing and therefore phone calls are not the only way to contact your potential customers. Therefore we provide 2.0 commercial contacts (social media campaigns for instance) each company has its commercial needs. Tell us yours to reach your commercial aims together.

We propose different kind of surveys, created by our teams or by yours.

Do you want to test the attractivity of a new product ?

Do you need to analyze the potential of your services in another country or language ?

Do you want to check your services ?

Surveys can be done by different medias.

Sometimes for different reasons (financial, organization) it is interesting for a company to outsource part or all in/out phone calls.

We are specialized in in/outbound phone calls dealing with invoice problems and unpaid bills.